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Self-Serve Wash Services

Self Wash is by Non-refundable / Prepaid Appointment Only.
Too avoid being turned away,
Please call us ahead  951-371-2250

Appointments are available Wednesday to Sunday
By Appointment Only

No pet is too large or too small - we are equipped to handle them all.  Each of our 4 individual units is set up to make you and your pet's visit as pleasant, convenient and productive as possible.  We provide all the right stuff so that all you need to do is bring in your dirty pet.  We have aprons to protect your clothes, waist high wash tubs, professional warm water sprayers, natural shampoos and conditioners, ear cleaning solution, face washes, brushes, combs, clippers, clean-fluffy towels, forced air drying stations, and a friendly staff to assist you should you need it.     All animals must be brought in on a leash or in a carrier.

self wash services at The Paw Spa in Corona
Self wash dog
dog and cat self wash services at The Paw Spa in Corona
Self-Serve Wash
Additional Services

Small Pets - $15.00

Pets up to 25 pounds 

Medium Pets - $20.00

Pets 26 to 55 pounds.


Large Pets - $25.00

Pets 56 and over pounds.

Cut Nails   

Grind Nails 

Teeth Brushing  

Anal Gland Express  

Blowing Coat  


Flea Treatments

Frontline Plus                  Herbal Flea Dip

1-22lbs                              1-22lbs      

22-44lbs                            22-44lbs       

45-88lbs                            45-88lbs    

89-132lbs                          89-132lbs 


Dirty Dawg  Griminator Shampoo to get that deep down clean. For those dogs that haven’t had a bath in a long time – cuts the grease and leaves a fresh, clean scent.


Oatmeal Bath    100% Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner to relieve dry itchy skin. This natural process acts as a barrier to seal in moisture.

Spaw Packages

Ahhh Medicated   This treatment is a mixture of Sulfur, Tar and Aloe to help exfoliate the skin to bring in new healthier skin while the aloe helps sooth.


Brighten & Whiten   This treatment helps make white dogs bright and whiten yellowed or dull coats.


Kissable   This is a teeth brushing and breath freshening package. We use flavored dog toothpaste and brush to remove plaque, and then follow this with a chlorohexidne spray to kill germs leaving great kissable breath.



Flea the Scene  This is an all natural, no pesticide flea treatment. It will kill fleas with Neem, Cedar, Eucalyptus and Citrus, that helps sooth the skin, leaving a soft and clean coat.


EZ Shed Treatment w/FURminator   Spring has sprung and your dogs coat is coming out by the handfuls. This treatment helps get that hair out and leaves the coat smelling great.


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