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Dog Grooming


Our Professional Dog Grooming services are available by appointment only. 

Please call us at 951-371-2250 to schedule your appointment or to get a quote.


Our Professional Grooming Service includes 2 Shampoo's, a conditioner, facial, nails cut, pads shaved, sanitary clip, anal gland express, ears cleaned and plucked, face tidy and cologne, plus breed standard cut or pet trim.

You can request a quote (estimate) via phone at 951-371-2250 - see note below :


Please Note:    The quotes provided over the phone are estimates only, until we are able to see your dog's size, weight, their coat condition, and temperament. Difficult animals & matted coats will incur additional service fees, in addition to the regular grooming fee.  Please see our Grooming Agreement for more details.

Dog Full Service Bathing -  for dogs not needing any hair trimming

(Examples - Great Dane, Labradour, Chihuahua)

Includes 2 Shampoo's, conditioner, facial, nails cut, anal gland express,

ears cleaned, brush out, de-shed if neccessary, and cologne.  


Dog Bath & Tidy -  all the same services as our Full Service Bathing plus :  

Pads shaved, sanitary clip, ears plucked, eyes & bangs trimmed. 


Dog Full Service Grooming  -  all the same services as our Bath & Tidy plus :

Breed standard cut or pet trim.  



At this time we no longer offer Cat Grooming - 

- Bath Only  (wash & dry, cut nails, clean ears, & brush out) :

                      Small / Kitten           

                      Regular size           

                      Large / Long Hair  

- Haircut Only :

                      Small / Kitten         

                      Regular Size           

                      Large / Long Hair  

- Bath With Haircut :

                      Small / Kitten         

                      Regular Size           

                      Large / Long Hair  

Extra Fee $$ for matted or preshaves.

DISCLAIMER / RELEASE OF LIABILITY : during the wash / grooming process, we may take your pet outside our store to walk them to do their business and / or give them a break from being in a kennel for an extended period of time.  If you prefer your pet not be taken outside our secure area - please let the attendant know when you check in, that you opt out of this service.  By opting out you also agree to any rewash fees should your pet "soil" themselves while in our care.  You also agree that your pet will be picked up within 40 minutes of our call, unless prior arrangements were made, or our Day Care fee will also apply.

Wet Cat
Having a Bath
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