Like many businesses, we are encountering occasional shortages of staff.  Please note that our grooming times are running a bit longer than normal, and we are currently booked out well over 4 weeks.   We are doing our best to accommodate everyone as quickly as we can, while still providing the great service we are known for.


When you book your appointment,  it's most likely several weeks in the future.  During that time we understand things can change.  But it is important that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to make a change or cancel.   When you book your appointment with us, that time slot is set aside specifically for your pet /or pets.  If you show up late or not at all,  that time period goes unused as it was intended for your pet.   A phone call (at least 24 hours in advance) to let us know you need to make a change / or cancel, allows us time to re-book your time slot with another customer and make the best use of our groomers time.   We do have a Cancellation Policy, which you can learn more about from the link in our home page header.    

We utilize an automated text messaging system to confirm appointments with you.  When booking an appointment, please make sure we have your correct phone number on file (and that you can receive text messages)  so you are able to respond to these texts.  Text confirmations are sent out well in advance of your appointment, allowing you time to confirm OR make a change if need be.  If we don't receive a confirmation, or aren't able to get a reply, please note we may - at our discretion - cancel your appointment and re-book another customer in your time slot.   If you prefer another method to confirm your appointments, please let us know - we are happy to help.   

We appreciate your patience and respect to our policies .

Thank you - The Paw Spa

Here at The Paw Spa, no pet is too large or too small - we are equipped to handle them all.  We offer both Self-Service or Full Service Grooming options.  Each of our 4 individual units is set up to make you and your pet's visit as pleasant, convenient and productive as possible.  We provide all the right stuff so all you need to do is bring in your dirty pet, or we can take care of everything for you.      
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We are committed to the health and well being of your pet.  That commitment comes through in our selection of great tasting, premium pet foods.  We carry a variety of all natural, grain-free products that meets and exceed the nutritional needs of your pets.  We offer a complete range of Raw diet pet food and all-natural treats, bones & chews that provide superior nutrition and promote good health for dogs and cats.